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Our family has been in the “business” for over three generations. In the late 1920’s, Matthew Wieland began reupholstering furniture for friends and family after the Great Depression as a means to support his family. He taught his craft to his four boys and from that stemmed multiple businesses (many still run by future generations) in the areas of interior design and decorating, furniture manufacturing and landscape architecture. 

Today, we are proud to continue the family legacy.  We have found that in the real estate business, all too often new homeowners are left feeling overwhelmed at the idea of making their new house a home. The furnishings that you once loved (or those hand-me downs still lingering from college) no longer fit the size or style of your home or family. Are you new to mid-century modern architecture and you’re traditional furniture just doesn’t seem to work with the house? 

After getting asked countless times for design suggestions, we decided that there was a new, emerging market for someone to help direct clients to resources they might not have ever heard of or used before.  We’re happy to give our suggestions and in most cases, direct you to retailers that have fantastic design services or other resources with knowledgeable staff that understand their products inside and out. 

It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when you’ve got the right team helping you. Sometimes, you just need a friend to tell you whether or not that dining room table would look good. That’s where we come in and we’ll help as little or as much as you’d like.

So, tell us about your home. 

Our Team

Travis & Hailey

As award-winning real estate professionals, Hailey and Travis love helping their clients find the perfect house.  Being avid admirers of design, they co-created Pivot as a way to help their clients dial into their unique style while staying true to the architectural significance of the structure.   


Tianna has experience working with multiple industries from commerical property management, law to retail.  For the last 4 years, she has been working extensively on residential renovation, design and decorating.  


Regan has been working primarily with lighting design for over 25 years, both in residential settings as well as theatrical.  As you can see, he's incredibly excited about his work, and brings that enthusiasm to every project he works on.  

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